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MOBILE GHOSTS: Alabama's Haunted Port City

The book has arrived, after a lengthy delay on the part of the printer.

14 true tales of homegrown hauntings! Five public museums and homes you can tour!

Please see the links page to order an autographed copy by check.

BOOK SIGNINGS: You can also purchase a copy at Books-A-Million and Page & Palette. Elizabeth will be signing books Saturday, Dec.9th at Books-A-Million in Bel Air Mall at noon -- and on Saturday, Dec. 16th at the Pinebrook Books-A-Million, at 11:00 am.

Please see the "links" page to find MAGC.

Coming soon! An on-line order form for credit card purchases on this FREESERVERS site!

From this site, you'll be able to order Mobile Ghosts online with your credit card, when that option is added soon.

To order by check or money order, or get to Ghost Club, please see the links page.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but the inflexibility of Print Shop software has caused me to maintain two sites; one for the book, and another for Mobile Area Ghost Club. Did I mention that Print Shop software was inflexible? Good.

Ghosts 2 is in progress! If you have a story you'd like considered for the second volume of Mobile Ghosts, please e-mail with a few details.

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